Thursday, September 1, 2011

Baby B

It's baby Brayden on the blog! Brayden's mom warned me the minute I walked in that her sweet, wide-eyed baby was unlike most other newborns. Awake all day and sleeps like a champ at night! What?! Katie, write a book with your secrets and you'll never have to work again ;)  Like most children, B was determined to make his mother look bad and fell asleep immediately...and slept the entire 2 hours! Lets face it, awake babies are cute and all...but sleeping babies, with those big ole' pouty lips? Swoon! Thanks for proving your momma wrong and sleeping like an angel sweet B! Katie and Drew, I hope you enjoy the sneak peek of your precious bundle :)

(My fav Pictage photo effect on these first pics...Cross Process)

I love a good B&W...

 One of my favorite pictures to date. Complete comfort in one another :)

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