Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Baby J {6 mo}

Let me start by saying that 6 mo sessions may in fact be my FAVORITE! These sweet little babes haven't quite mastered sitting up, but are able to be somewhat "independent"...they are usually ALL smiles...and the moms always know how to get those belly laughs going! In J's case, it was mom's hair! She'd wiggle that hair around and it was like standup comedy to this guy :) This sweet family made the trek from Plano to downtown FW with some sketchy weather on the radar. I had big ideas for our shoot but construction and weather almost rained on our parade. I told mom that we would go with the flow and go as long as the little guy would let us. This age can be tricky. Happy one minute...D.O.N.E the next. Well, three locations and 2 hours later we got a ton of amazing shots!

Thank you B family for a fun morning! I hope you enjoy your sneak peek :) 

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